What can and can't you do in the Webflow Editor?

Have you been wondering about what you can and can't do with the Webflow Editor? Or have some of your clients asked you about some of its features and limitations? Then have a read through this short article to answer some of your questions.

Recently I have published an article outlining two of the most annoying limitations of the Webflow Editor. In this article I would like to go more into detail on what is possible within the Webflow Editor and when it is actually better to revert to the Webflow Designer. This is especially useful to know when you’re a client who’s considering to use Webflow as their preferred platform or if you are an advertising agency who needs to educate clients about what is possible within the Editor.

What you can do in the Webflow Editor

  • Change images and text
  • Amend the destination of text links and buttons
  • Add and delete new CMS items (e.g. blog articles, news articles, team members etc.) and amend content inside these CMS items
  • Make basic SEO changes such as meta description and title. OG graph settings
  • View contact/sales form responses

What you need the Webflow Designer for:

  • Make changes to the layout and structure of the website
  • Add and delete new static pages
  • Organise assets in Webflow’s asset panel
  • Adjust website for desktop and mobile devices
  • Set up new CMS collections and add/remove/change CMS fields within the collection
  • Plus other more advanced or in-depth settings and adjustments on your site

So, basically the Webflow Editor focuses on simply content changes, while the Webflow Designer is used for making more evolved changes to your site. Also, keep in mind if you are not familiar with the Webflow Designer and some of the basics of HTML and CSS it is easy accidentally make unintended changes to the site. This is less likely to happen when using the Webflow Editor as more advanced functionality is locked away.

If you want to see a quick video overview of the Webflow Editor, have a look at Webflow’s own instructional video below:

A brief overview of the Webflow Designer is also available in the following video:

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