3 great ideas for helping your clients start using Webflow

Want to work on more Webflow projects as an agency or service provider. This article contains three ideas on how to get there.

Some clients might be hesitant to use Webflow as the new platform for their website. While Webflow has now been around for a little while now, it is still not as widely used as other solutions like Wordpress. I don’t advocate using Webflow for each and every project and would make sure that Webflow is indeed the best platform for your client’s needs. However, when discussing the platform with your client, it can be useful to give them access to some helpful resources, which might make it easier for them to come to an informed decision.

Show off the Webflow Editor

Many clients are concerned they might have difficulties to make content updates themselves. They might know how to do this with WordPress, but aren’t sure how this works on a different platform. Here it helps to utilise Webflow’s own video about the client-facing Webflow Editor. While Webflow’s video series is a little old, it is still quite useful to visualise how content updates work with the system:

Webflow Editor: Introduction (https://youtu.be/t7moqInkxo4?feature=shared )
Webflow Editor: Working with Pages (https://youtu.be/J6GUfzI-Qso?feature=shared )
Webflow Editor: Working with Collections (CMS) (https://youtu.be/jTagQGxBUrM?feature=shared )
Webflow Editor: eCommerce (https://youtu.be/w05bb4XbG_k?feature=shared )
Webflow Editor: eCommerce Orders (https://youtu.be/VRv-g3iilGk?feature=shared )

Have a Webflow pitch presentation

Webflow has come forward and created their own pitch presentation which you can slightly modify to suit your own needs and business or just use for inspiration when creating your own individual client pitch presentation. Be aware though that not all slides provided might be relevant for your client and you might want to leave those off your presentation – for instance, most clients won’t be interested in signing up for Webflow’s Enterprise account and don’t need to know about this option in detail. You can find Webflow’s downloadable pitch presentation here: https://webflow.com/pitch

Become a Webflow-only service provider

Many creatives and smaller agencies have switched to becoming a Webflow-only service provider, meaning they only develop websites with Webflow. However, if you go down this route, you shouldn’t automatically recommend Webflow to all your (potential) clients, but instead only advocate for the platform when it’s the right fit. This means you might miss out on some clients who either insist on using another platform or for whom Webflow just isn’t the right tool. But that’s alright.

Marketing yourself as a Webflow-only provider often attracts clients who are specifically looking for a Webflow expert and often have already done some research into this topic. By proving to them, through your online presence and service offerings that you are focussed and have experience developing websites with the platform, you also reduce the need of educating the client about the platform. Many of their questions might already be answered on your own site, before they even get in touch with you. Here it might be helpful to look at other Webflow service providers and how they present their offerings online – not to replicate their approach 1:1, but to get new ideas and adjust some of these to your own business needs and target audience. Lastly it might also be useful to publish a Webflow FAQ on your site, answering some of the most often asked client questions. Additionally you could also provide a brief “info pack”, a downloadable pdf (similar to Webflow’s own pitch document above), that is customised to your target audience and includes a Webflow FAQ, brief info about Webflow and your service offerings.

Hopefully this short article gave you some ideas on how you can better familiarise new clients with Webflow and make it easier for them to make an informed decision to use the platform for their new marketing website.

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