Webflow Workspaces & Site Plans – which one should you choose?

Confused about Webflow's Workspaces and Site Plans? Have a read through this article to learn which Workspace or Plan you need as a client or agency.

Webflow recently made some significant changes to their Account Plans, which are now called Workspaces. However, many users still seem to be confused which plan to choose. With this article I’m trying to answer some of the frequently asked questions in regards to Webflow Plans for agency owners and clients.

I just have one business website (or several), do I need a Workspace Plan and Site Plan? And what’s even the difference?

A Site Plan is what you need when you want to host your website with Webflow and connect your custom domain (e.g. mysite.com) to it. When you first sign up with Webflow you automatically have a Workspace Plan which contains all of your Webflow sites/projects. To start with you usually have the free Workspace Plan and you don’t need any more than that if you just want to have your company website with Webflow. In this case you stay on the free Workspace Plan and simply purchase a Site Plan for hosting. Also, keep in mind that you will have to purchase a Site Plan for each of your websites you want to connect a custom domain to.

As a client, which Site Plan should I choose?

This depends on your website needs. If you just have a website that does not need to be updated frequently, doesn’t contain a blog or new section or needs CMS (content management system) functionality for some other reason, you can get away with the Basic Site Plan. For using the CMS select the CMS Site Plan and increased amount of CMS items or form submissions. you should choose the Business Site Plan. Note that if your website requires e-commerce functionality driven by Webflow, you will need to select one of Webflow’s dedicated e-commerce Site Plans.

I’m an agency wanting to build Webflow sites, which Workspace Plan is best for us?

For most agencies who work with several clients simultaneously, I recommend either the Agency or Growth Plan. With both you are allowed to have an unlimited amount of unhosted sites and add up to 9 seats (users) to your team. The latter is especially important if you have several team members, each of who is working on different Webflow client projects.

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