Webflow site maintenance - how to invite Freelance Designers or Agencies to work on your site

Did you know you can now invite freelancers and Webflow professionals to work on your project? In this article I show you how this works and how your team can benefit from this new feature.

Many clients update the content of their Webflow site in-house, but use a Webflow Professional to make changes to the layout, and structure or to implement new pages and features. Most Webflow Designers like myself transfer the site over to the client’s own Webflow account once the initial build has been completed. This is great as it gives the client full control over the site and does not hold the site hostage if there is a dispute or the Designer is for some reason not available.

However, as a freelancer accessing the site that wasn't located in the freelancer's own Webflow account could be a hassle at times. One solution was for the client to upgrade to a paid Core or Growth Workspace Plan and add the Designer as a Team member. This obviously caused additional costs as Workspace plans are billed per seat. Alternatively clients could share their Webflow login details with the freelancer, which enabled them to access their account and make changes to the backend of the site. This seemed to be the preferred way for clients who wanted to save costs and/or who did not need the freelancer to access the site regularly. The problem with this approach is that oftentimes you don’t really want to give out your login details to third parties, plus when you and the freelancer are both trying to access the Webflow account at once, one of you will be “thrown out” as you can’t be logged in simultaneously.

Luckily Webflow has now remedied this issue by allowing clients to invite freelancers to their Workspace free of charge. As Webflow says on their website “The Agency or Freelancer Guest role lets clients keep ownership of their Workspace while securely — and efficiently — inviting a guest (i.e., an agency or freelancer) into the Workspace. Agency and freelancer guests will receive full design access to all new and existing sites in their client’s Workspace but won’t be able to access confidential Workspace settings”. This means freelancers can access the site to make amendments without requiring the client’s login details and without the client having to upgrade to a paid Workspace plan. Clients are also able to simply remove the freelancers access whenever their working relationship has finished.

What can freelancers and agencies do once they’re invited?

  • They can access all projects and folders in the client’s workspace.
  • They can access the Webflow Editor as well as the Designer.
  • They can access certain tabs in the Workspace settings (Integrations and  Templates)
  • They cannot access things like billings, credit card info etc.

How can I invite a freelancer to my site?

To learn more about how to invite freelancers to your site, take a look at Webflow’s own documentation online: https://university.webflow.com/lesson/agency-or-freelancer-guest-role. Note that you can invite up to 2 freelancers to your account.

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