Should you use a Webflow template to get your new website off the ground?

Considering to use a template to create your new Webflow site? Read this first! In this article I explain the pros and cons of using a template and outline when it might be best to build a site from scratch instead.

You have decided to use Webflow for your new company website? Great choice! One question that some business owners and marketing managers are asking themselves is: should I get my designer to build a completely custom website from scratch or start off with a Webflow template? What are the pros and cons, especially when it comes to turn around times and costs? And what else is there to consider? I’ll answer these question in this blog article.

What are Webflow templates?

Webflow templates are pre-made designs made by independent designers (often freelancers or small agencies) which are offered on Webflow’s template website. Prices range from as little as US$24 for simple templates to $US150 for more complex sites and complex UI kits. Templates are checked by Webflow staff before being uploaded to their database, however any support for templates is being performed by the original template developer. Depending on the license agreement, a template can only be used for one Webflow project, if you want to use the same template for different projects, you will need to purchase it again.

When you should be using a Webflow template

A Webflow template can be a good choice if you have found a template that resembles the layout and functionality you are after very, very closely. The less your designer have to change or add, the faster your project gets off the ground. Also, if you are looking for UI elements for your project, a pre-made template might be just right for you. The elements included could save you time when creating your own site.

When shouldn’t you use a Webflow template

Are you looking for a unique design that is tailored to your own needs and requirements? Then a Webflow template might not be right for you. Keep in mind templates can be purchased and downloaded by anyone with a Webflow account, so your website won’t be unique in terms of design and layout. Additionally, if your envisioned layout or the intended functionality and features differ greatly from what is available in the template, it can take a long time to adjust the template to suit your needs.

Keep in mind...

Even if your layout won’t change much, don’t be fooled by thinking “The designer just has to change a few colours, replace the logo and put my own content in and then he’s done - this will only take a second”. Depending on how the template has been set up originally, the designer first has to get familiar with the structure and of the site and it might take a while to make the necessary adjustments to suit your brand. What is often forgotten is that not only colours and fonts have to be changed, but also images have to be re-uploaded, optimised and re-sized to fit the template used. Little items such as a favicon and web clip have to be created and added, alt tags need to be added and CMS collections set up, amended and re-connected. To be honest, oftentimes it can be more efficient to re-create certain elements from scratch instead of using and amending existing ones.

Developing sites with templates: faster & cheaper

Not necessarily. As mentioned above, it really depends on your circumstances, needs and requirements, as well as on the chosen template itself if starting out with a template is the best choice for your project. Does it save costs? I it depends. Does it save time? It depends. The best way forward is to talk to your chosen Webflow expert about your project, as well as the template you are considering to use. This way you can learn more about what is involved and how to best get the outcome you are looking for.

Do you have a project you want to get off the ground? Are you looking at using a pre-made template for this? Let’s have a chat!

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