Perth (AU) web agency websites and what you can learn from them – Part 2

There are lots of great creative agencies in Australia. In this article series I am highlighting three of them and showing you what you can learn from their online presence and consider for your own portfolio or company website. Let's go!

In this 3-part article series (this is article #2) I want to highlight some smaller agencies focused on web and digital, based in Perth, Australia. Specifically I want to talk about their websites and what you can learn from them. You might be able to find some inspiration for your own portfolio or company website as well. Just one note: the sites highlighted here are not necessarily built with Webflow and have been chosen for other criteria than for the platform or technology used. Without further ado, let's get started with the second agency – Dux Digital ( – in this series...

Dux Digital is an agency with an emphasis on website design work as well as various online marketing activities (social media, Google ads etc.).

Show your process

One of the aspects I quite like about their site is that they make it easy for the potential client to understand how they work. They display their 4-step process, spelling out exactly what each of those entails. This can be quite helpful for decision makers to know, especially if they have't worked with an agency before.

Develop concise but helpful case studies

Some might think the case studies on the Dux Digital site are not very comprehensive, but I think they work quite well when you keep their target audience in mind. In the end the agency doesn't want to speak to other agencies or designers but to their potential clients. So they use a simple formula, which is comprised of a quick project overview with a link to the live site, the goal (or mission) of the project, how they went about it, and lastly the results achieved. All this is peppered with beautiful imagery of the actual site they've designed for the client. Even better: at least one project displays a video testimonial of the client which helps support credibility. If you get a chance to integrate a video testimonial of one of your clients on your site: go for it!

Make getting in touch easy

Similar to the agency highlighted in the first part of this series, Dux Digital makes it super easy for potential clients to get in touch. At the bottom of every page there is a contact form, so clients don't even have to click on the Contact button in the navigation bar. Maybe something to consider for your own site?

That's it for this for article 2 in this 3 part series. Stay tuned for the next one in the upcoming weeks.

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