Perth (AU) web agency websites and what you can learn from them – Part 1

There are lots of great creative agencies in Australia. In this article series I am highlighting three of them and showing you what you can learn from their online presence and consider for your own portfolio or company website. Let's go!

Australia might not be the first place you look when you're from overseas and keen to hire an agency for your next design project. Even if Australia is on your radar for creative work, it is often Sydney or Melbourne where people look first for talent. However here on Australia's west coast in Western Australia we've got quite a few great agencies available as well. There are of course large full service agencies such as The Brand Agency or Wunderman Thompson based here in WA's capital Perth, but in this 3-part series I want to highlight some smaller agencies focused on web and digital. Specifically I want to talk about their websites and what you can learn from them. You might be able to find some inspiration for your own portfolio or company website as well. Just one note: the sites highlighted here are not necessarily built with Webflow and have been chosen for other criteria than for the platform or technology used. Without further ado, let's get started with the first agency – Draw History ( – in this series...

Draw History focuses on things like branding, web, strategy and digital projects with a particular focus on human centred design. The team has worked for Google Australia, Indigo, the Centre for Social Impact and others.

Don't go crazy with animations and show your work

Their landing page features subtle animations, but nothing too crazy that would distract you from the actual content presented. The team presents their work right when the user enters the site, which is great because – let us be honest – that's what most people want to see first when they are looking at hiring someone for a project.

Make it easy for clients to get in touch with you

What's also pretty good is that they have positioned a "say hello" button on the site that is present at all times. This way visitors are able to connect with the team no matter where they are currently located on the site and don't have to first click the hamburger icon to go to the contact button in the navigation menu. What I see as super helpful as well is – as Draw History has done – include a short, but useful FAQ list on the contact page. While the list doesn't include more than 6 questions, the questions are most likely the most common ones (e.g. Are you currently hiring? Can I come and visit your studio? etc.) the agency gets asked and the team at Draw History saves themselves a lot of time by not having to answer these questions again and again. Pretty smart, eh?

Create content that speaks to your audience

Draw History is a B Corp and an agency that works on projects that help solve social problems in one way or another. The content on their website – mainly published via blog articles and a podcast – reflects this. This is a smart move as clients who operate in this space usually want to be sure the agency they are going to work with "understands" them and is knowledgeable in the field they operate in. Podcast topics such as "Can digital activism create enduring change?" or "How do we use social media to influence good?" speak to their audience and with articles like "The guide to impactful storytelling for non-profits" they show they have useful insights to offer to their client base. What does that tell us? Release content regularly on your own (agency) site that speaks to your tribe (potential clients)! Plus having up to date content on your site isn't bad for SEO either.

That's it for this for article 1 in this 3 part series. Stay tuned for the next one in the upcoming weeks.

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