How to install Hotjar on your Webflow website

Want to analyse your site visitor's behaviour using Hotjar? In this article I show you how to easily integrate Hotjar on your Webflow site.

Hotjar is a service that you can implement on your website to see how site visitors behave on the website. You can analyse the users movements on the site via heatmaps, record mouse clicks and create user surveys.  So, how to you install Hotjar on your Webflow site? That’s what I’ll be talking about in this article.

  1. Create your Hotjar account and make sure you connect it to your website domain.
  2. Now grab your Hotjar tracking code from within the Site Overview inside the Hotjar interface. You can learn more about the tracking code here.
  3. Next access your Webflow site and navigate to your Webflow Site Settings. Here you need to go to your Custom Code section.
  4. Once in your Custom Code section, copy the tracking code into the Head Code field and press the Save Changes button.
  5. Publish your Webflow Site.
  6. Now go back to your Hotjar interface and navigate to the section you grabbed your tracking code from. Click the Verify Installation button. You will receive a message telling you that Hotjar is successfully installed on your site.
  7. That’s it! You can now adjust the required settings in Hotjar to track your user’s actions.

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