How to get started with Webflow with your startup

In this post I describe my process of setting up client sites with Webflow. I focus here on the technical and backend side of things, not on the design or development process itself.

Webflow is a platform that is quite popular in the startup space already, but some founders are still confused about how to best get a Webflow site off the ground, especially when working together with a designer. In this article I run you through my own process of setting up a Webflow site for a client. Keep in mind that the list below only includes the development and backend setup process and does not include the actual design work done in a design tool like Figma. I always first design a site in a design software such as Figma, as it provides more flexibility and adjustments can be made quicker this way. Here we go:

  1. You set up your own free Webflow account at
  2. I develop your Webflow site in my own Webflow account, giving you access to the staging domain for reviewing your site before approval.
  3. After you've approved your site, and payment is completed I transfer the site to your own Webflow account. This way you have full control over your own site at all times and can make updates independently of your designer.
  4. You purchase Webflow hosting (a so called "Site Plan") which allows you to host the website directly with Webflow and use your custom domain (I have actually written an article about why you should host directly with Webflow, which you can read here). I then connect your custom domain to your Webflow site by accessing your DNS provider and your Webflow account. Of course you can always change your login details for all platforms whenever needed.
  5. I publish your site with the press of a button. That's it your site is now live for everyone to see.

Hopefully this has given you some understanding about the process involved in getting started with Webflow and getting a site off the ground with this tool. Arguably the most time consuming steps are the design phase, as well as step 2 in this list (Webflow site development). If you are still confused about Webflow's Site Plans and Account Plans I recommend taking a look at some of my older articles include these ones here:

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If there are any other questions on your mind in regards to Webflow plans or the process of setting up a Webflow site, feel free to reach out to me!

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