Answered: Should I use Webflow's Individual Plan or Team Plan?

Confused if you should choose the Individual or Team Plan? Read this article to learn more.

You're an agency looking at getting started with Webflow? Great! In this particular article I want to give you some guidance in regards to when to use a Team Plan and when to use an Individual Plan.

Individual Plan

Webflow's Individual Plan is great if you are the only Designer or Developer working on websites for clients. However, the Individual Plan only lets one person log in to the account at once, which is a major hurdle if you are working together as a team. Also note that for Webflow's Individual Plan you've got three choices: Starter, Lite and Pro. If you want to create websites professionally you should at least purchase the Lite Plan, however I recommend the Pro Plan to have all features available. The main advantage of the Pro Plan is that you can create an unlimited amount of un-hosted projects which comes in quite handy if you are working with many clients simultaneously.

Team Plan

The Team Plan enables your team to have several people log into the same account and create, delete or move projects inside. Other than that it includes all features of the Individual Pro Plan. Keep in mind though that even with a Team Plan at this point in time Webflow doesn't allow more than one person to work on a particular project at the same time. You can however have one designer do design work while the other one is able to edit content such as change text. The Team Plan is a bit more expensive than the Individual Plan – US$35 per person with a minimum of 2 users per team. The most expensive Individual Plan (Pro Plan) costs only US$35 per month.

Which plan should you choose?

This depends on your individual situation. If you are a freelancer just designing and building sites for clients, get the Pro Plan (Individual Plan). Should you temporarily be working together with client (such as an ad agency) who already has a Team Plan, they can easily add you to their plan and you can work inside their Team Account. This saves you having to develop a site on your own Individual Account and having to transfer it to your your client later. Be sure though that you can trust the agency or client, as they will already have your completed project before you might have gotten paid.

If you are a digital agency or a company with several projects and have more than one designer who needs to work on these projects I would recommend purchasing a Team Plan. This way Designer A can work on Project X, while Designer B can work on Project Y. With Webflow's Team Plan you can easily revoke access to individual team members if necessary and don't have to give out your own personal log in details as every team members logs in with their own individual Webflow account details. Remember: if you are a member of a team you don't need to have a paid Individual Plan as well, you can just have the free Starter Plan.

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