3 useful and time-saving Webflow features you might not know about (yet)

Keen to save time when working with Webflow? I'm highlighting three small but super-useful features that might help you and your team save time and make things just a little bit easier when developing sites in Webflow.

During the recent Webflow No-Code Conference, lot’s of great and sometimes long awaited features were announced, including membership sites, new “workspaces” and more. However from time to time Webflow releases small, but super useful features that make life easier when working with Webflow. Some of these features are especially useful for Designers and Developers working with the Webflow back-end (the Webflow Designer), others are particularly useful for startups and companies mainly focusing on updating content. In this post I want to highlight small but nifty features that are useful for both.

Maximum Width/Height and maximum file size

Inside your CMS collection it is now possible to define a specific maximum height and width and file size for image files. If you ask your Designer to set this up for you, you are prevented from uploading an image that is larger or smaller than the size specified. While this may sound restrictive, it is definitely for the better when it comes to page load times (which ultimately also influences SEO ranking) and look & feel of the site. Especially if you have other team members updating the content of your site, it makes it easy for them to know how the content needs to be prepared to suit the site. All this is very useful if your team adds new content to your website like blog articles, news articles or events.

Copy URL in CMS collection item

When you’re entering content to your CMS collection e.g. adding a new blog post or news article it is often useful to quickly see what the article looks like on the page. Previously you had to carefully select the URL inside the CMS item and copy it into your browser. Now you can click the little “link” icon which automatically copies the URL to your clipboard. You are now able to post it to your browser and take a look at the blog article on the page. Keep in mind you will still need to publish the CMS item first before you can see it on the live site.

Expand Asset Manager and select/delete several images at once

When you’re working in the Webflow Designer, you are able to upload and select images via the Asset Manager. However it used to be quite tedious to select images using only the narrow vertical asset panel. You are now able to expand the Asset Manager by pressing the little arrow icon at the top of the panel. It will now expand to being nearly full screen which makes it much easier to scroll through and view the images uploaded to your site. Additionally you are now also able to delete or move several images within the Asset Manager. You do this by first expanding the Asset Manager as described previously and then pressing the little tick icon next to one or more images. This allows you to either delete the image entirely or move it to a different folder on your website, saving you lots of time.

Hope these three little features help you when working within Webflow and make things just a little bit easier for you. Oftentimes the small, but useful features are the ones that save lots of time in your day-to-day work.

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