3 Great YouTube channels for freelance designers

Are you just starting your freelance design business? No matter if you are working with Webflow or not, check out some of these YouTube channels with helpful advice for freelancers and agency owners.

Are you a freelance designer or running your own little agency? Great! Then you know that it's not all about designing great things, but there's a lot do on the business side as well. From proposals to invoicing, client meetings, taxes and more. In this article I introduce (or in some cases maybe reintroduce) you to online content creators who dish out useful (freelance) business advice – not only for Webflow Designers but for all others who are running their own venture.

Jesse Showalter

While I have mentioned Jesse previously, especially due to his super-useful design-related videos, I want to point him out here again for some of this business-related content. If you look at his YouTube channel you will discover that recently he has added some useful videos on topics such as personal branding, pro and cons of being freelance vs employee, creating a freelance network, negotiating techniques and more. I especially recommend the Freelance Stream, a recording of one of Jesse's information packed live streams.


Latasha James

I only found Latasha's channel recently, but subscribed straight away. This lady is putting out great content, often several times a week. While Latasha isn't a designer (she's a social media manager and content creator), her content which is focused on building and maintaining a freelance business is helpful for us design folks  as well. Latasha tackles subjects such as building different income streams, when you should quit your f/t job and go freelance, how to not send cold emails and more. Definitely check her out!



Mizko is an Aussie designer and agency owner who creates lots of design-focused content, but recently has also added some business advice to the mix as well. With videos such as "How to pick the best freelance clients", and "5 tips to starting freelancing in 2021". Nice!


Looking for more resources on freelancing and design? Have a look through my blog and you'll find quite a few articles with links to helpful YouTube channels, podcasts and newsletters as well. Some of these include:

Have you got other interesting resources that could be helpful for freelance designers and agency owners? I want to know about – get in touch!

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