Making end of life planning easier

Anticipate Life

Anticipate Life

Anticipate Life (AL) is an Australian startup that helps people organise their end of life affairs and thereby reduces stress for loved ones in a difficult time. With their new web app users can save all the information that is not covered in a will and ensure that their wishes are honoured after they've passed. The startup wants to make it easier for people to talk about this important topic with loved ones and take action.

The Challenge

Anticipate Life (AL) was looking for help with the design and development of their new marketing website, promoting their web application. The website is aimed at not only people who are looking at safely storing their end of life affairs documentation, but also at relatives who want to help their loved ones with this task. Through the site visitors had to be encouraged to sig up for a free trial of the app and/or download documents with further information.

My role as the Designer

Utilising the already existing brand colours, typography and logo, I created a visual language that was modern but still sophisticated. It was important to not have this difficult topic reflected in sad, heavy imagery, but instead using imagery that spoke of compassion, and care for others. As the primary Designer I worked initially designed the marketing website and developed it using Webflow. Since then I have been working on several other projects for Anticipate Life, including landing pages, assets for social media, digital brochures, advertisements, branded apparel and icons.

I regularly collaborate with the founders and their app development team to further improve the UI design of the AL web app.

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