Promoting tiny house living worldwide

Living Big in a Tiny House

Living Big in a Tiny House

Living Big in a Tiny House is a YouTube channel for anyone interested in tiny home living, minimalism or downsizing. Hosts Bryce Langston and Rasa Pescud showcase a variety of different tiny homes throughout the world and interview the owners to learn more about their individual tiny house build.

The Challenge

The website has three main goals: drive traffic to the shows YouTube channel, promote the channel to possible sponsors and supporters (via channel sponsorships or Patreon support) and highlight Bryce's tiny home book. Unfortunately these goals are not supported particularly well by the generic template used. The site seems cluttered and very few calls to action are provided to support the various income streams of the channel hosts. Also, when I created my design, the current website was a very basic Wordpress template which was already quite dated and didn't reflect the quality of the video content produced by the organisers.

My role as the Designer

As this was a personal project that I did just because I really enjoy the show and love the content hosts Bryce and Rasa are publishing, there was no strict deadline to adhere to. I used my UI/UX and visual design expertise to create a site design that better supports the maker's mission and makes it easier for visitors to support them in their work. Clear CTA's, as well as an uncluttered layout that makes it easy for new visitors (as well as fans of the YouTube channel) to browse through existing video content and always find the newest release.

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