Connecting residents with local businesses

Little Aussie Directories

Little Aussie Directories

Little Aussie Directories (LAD) is a Western Australian business which connects local, oftentimes family-owned businesses with residents in the Perth metropolitan area through their website, magazine and newsletter. The company drives traffic to their online and offline offering by providing a large amount of useful content in a variety of categories.

The Challenge

Little Aussie wanted to redevelop their Community Website, one of the cornerstones of their business. The previous site was dated and made it difficult for content creators to quickly upload new articles and sales executive to add and change the details for newly booked advertisers. It was also essential for the new website to have a much improved user experience both on desktop and mobile.

My role as the Designer

The immediate project team is comprised of the business owner (product owner), technical team lead, a JavaScript Developer, Brand Designer, Automation Specialist, and myself (UI/UX Designer, Webflow Developer). As a UI/UX Designer and Webflow Developer I am involved in working on a new and enhanced user experience and user interface for all devices. This is done by collaborating with the business owner, the technical team lead, as well as staff content producers. After designing wireframes and high-fidelity mockups in Figma, I developed the different pages of the site with Webflow. Testing on different browsers and devices was completed via the service Browserstack. As the website was built with Webflow and needed to be connected to the company's CRM, utilised custom code, constant collaboration and communication with the Developers on the team is required.

Throughout this 10+ months long project I am frequently iterating on previous designs, as well as adding new features and additional layouts for new content areas not present on the previous web presence. This includes building and testing new features in separate Webflow projects – usually duplicates of the original production site – in order to avoid possible risks for the live site as much as possible. The project itself poses challenges both in terms of Webflow limitations that have to be circumvented, as well as user interface design challenges which force me and the team to frequently re-think a previous approach and come up and test new solutions.

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